• Our Warri yard is rated as one of the best fabrication yards in Nigeria and is renowned for its quality of work. With a production facility of up to a million man-hours per year, it can mobilize itself quickly and adapt readily to changing client requirements.

    The Warri Yard is located in Warri, Nigeria. Covering an area of about 22 hectares (10,000sqm) along the Warri River. It is able to deal with a range of work scopes and project requirements.

    The yard has successfully produced in excess of 4,000t of jackets, 4,000t of piles, 3,000t decks and 500t of process piping / other equipment.

  • Fabrication Capabilities of Warri Yard
    During the course of the last 40 years, we have had the opportunity to study, engineer, produce and fabricate various types of offshore structures in our Warri yard.

  • Plant and Equipment
    The Warri Yard is fully equipped with cutting machines, plate rolling machines and cranes, including both indoor and outdoor cranes.

    The yards welding capabilities are SAW, SMAW, TGAW, FCAW, etc

    Local Content
    Today, we have a large pool of trained and skilled national labour and supervisors in Nigeria for all fabrication activities. This is a direct result of the company’s many years of training and employment in the area.

    Located between the Odion Itsekiri community and Igbudu (Urhobo) community, Nigerstar 7 takes an active part in the economic and social development of the communities, through financing of equipment and maintenance of infrastructure