What We Do

We are building the future of offshore Engineering

Pre-feed, feed, and detailed Engineering

We believe early engagement is one of the keys to creating added value to our Clients’ Field Developments and influencing design to reduce difficulties, minimize risks and costs during the execution and operations phases of a project’s life cycle.
To drive early engagement, we have launched several the following collaborative initiatives over the last years:

Hookup and Installation

Our experience in conventional services, hook-up and revamping come from delivering numerous projects using our extensive fleet of vessels, strategically placed fabrication yards and the local in-country expertise of our joint venture partners. This combination enables us to offer a full suite of services including:

Life of Field Services

NigerStar7 also provides the full range of Life of Field services. We have been providing customers with standalone and comprehensive suites of services, products and enabling technologies worldwide. We are one of the leading, fully integrated offshore service providers in the world.
With access to over 175 ROVs, and a fleet of Remotely Operated Vehicle Support Vessels (ROVSVs) and Diving Support Vessels (DSVs), you have a partner you can trust to deliver exactly what you require, wherever you require it.
Our solutions are built on our core strengths of:

Our outstanding Project Management Capabilities has marked us out with our clients for:

Pipe laying

At NigerStar7, we have marked ourselves out in our excellent pipelay activities with our clients. We are well equipped to carry out the different pipelaying methods using our versatile pipelay vessels. Our vessels are specially customised for S-Lay installations, J-Lay installations and Reel lay installations.
We have developed technologies that have been proven to bring cost savings to our clients, for example – pipe-in-pipe technology developed by our partners, Subsea7.